The Relais is located in the middle Tiber Valley, where the river flows with such power and speed that it makes a loud roar as it goes, earning the area the epithet “Il Furioso” – “The Furious.” The reason we chose this old farmhouse as the site of our bed and breakfast wasn’t simply the intrinsic beauty of the local area, but also its geographical position. We are located in a strategic point: right in the middle of Umbria.

Live in nature

Surrounded by tall trees which shelter it from the heat of the sunny summer days, the Relais sits on a gentle slope that offers an enchanting view over the gentle green hills. In the distance is the city of Todi, the only light visible to the eye on dark nights in the Umbrian countryside. Take long walks through the unspoiled nature that surrounds us, or a relaxing bicycle ride through the beautiful countryside and landscapes.

Umbria, a land of tradition and unspoiled landscapes and an important crossroads where modernity and history live harmoniously side by side in the beating heart of central Italy.

44 minutes by car
Marmore Waterfall
The Marmore waterfall is the highest artificial waterfall in Europe and among the highest in the world, counting on an overall height difference of 165 m divided into three jumps.
44 minutes by car
Piediluco lake
Located in the south-eastern foothills of Umbria, with a branch that borders Lazio, the lake is the largest natural lake basin in the region after Trasimeno.

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